Sustainable materials.

Hemp is one of the most environmentally friendly fabrics. It is a natural, highly renewable and regenerative crop that repairs the environment throughout its growth cycle. Hemp requires significantly less land and water to grow compared to other natural fibre plants. Growing without the need for pesticides and herbicides whilst yielding large amounts of fibre, hemp is the perfect zero-waste product. Hemp also matures in as little as 100 days, with up to three crop rotations a year on the same land, making it exceptionally renewable.

All our range items are 100% hemp or hemp blended with other natural plant fibres, such as organic cotton, peace silk, yakwool. All textiles we use in our productions are certified. 

Ethical manufacturing.

We are an Swiss owned and operated brand working with the best environmentally-oriented manufacturers. All of our range is designed in St.Gallen, Switzerland and we work closely with cut and sew teams based in Poland who specialise in natural fibre clothing production. Our brand works with vertically integrated manufacturers and their small specialised teams to produce our range. This reduces waste, increases efficiency and improves quality control of our products. 

We source our hemp from farmers in China, USA and soon in Poland we will creat our very one textile. In China they have generations of knowledge and experience using every part of the plant. We respect and embrace the thousands of years of experience these communities have in growing, processing and manufacturing hemp.

Our business is more than just a product; we value and respect all the people throughout our supply chain. We ensure all our manufacturers operate safe and comfortable working conditions, enforce a strict no child-labour policy, ensure reasonable working hours, pay at or above award wages and paid overtime.

More than just a clothing brand.

Avisha Antunez Conscious clothing  and our team operate behind the scenes to directly grow and support the Swiss & Polnisch Industrial Hemp Industry. Our team also work with local farmers, processors and businesses to increase the growth of the local and national hemp industry. Our goal of this work is to continue to increase the size of the hemp industry and promote green industry opportunities for Switzerland & Poland.