Botanical Color

BOTANICAL COLORS : We dye every single piece by hand at our workshop in Nepal with medicinal plants.  They are plants directly from nature that give us the color possibilities of:  INDIGO, SANDALWOOD, HARRO, WALNUT BARK, POMEGRANATE  PEEL, ETC…

We use only the best & most organic colors to keep the environment clean.  By choosing natural colors over chemicals you help nature and your skin to stay healthy.

By following the washing instructions the color will last approximately 3 years. The color will fade a little after every wash in a very beautiful and organic way.


To maintain good color results please wash by hand in cold water. After washing pull the textile gently into shape and hang it in the shade. If you want to use the washing machine use only the gentle wash cycle with a water temperature of 20° C and only with the same colors.

Botanical black is a spectacular color but it fades to brown if you wash it with chemical laundry detergent.  For best results please use only natural hemp soap only. Please take care to not wash it with other dark colors. 

Be aware that we did not use any chemical treatment which means there is a higher risk of dirt not coming off the textiles.  If you want to dye the piece again please use botanical dye.  We will, for a small fee, dye the piece again in our workshop in Nepal. 


For more information please contact us, and we will gladly answer your questions.